No Ugly Dumpster Required

No Ugly Dumpster Required

Schedule residential trash pickup services in Greenwood, LA, Logansport, LA, DeSoto Parish, LA and Caddo Parish, LA

When city trash removal isn't an option, many people consider dumpster rentals as an alternative. This means dealing with an unsightly dumpster in your yard. Worse, it also means you need to keep garbage on your property for weeks at a time. Avoid those problems by working with Desoto Disposal, LLC. We offer residential trash pickup services in Greenwood, Logansport, LA and the surrounding area.

For just $28 per month, $77 per quarter, $154 per half-year or $308 per year, you can avoid driving to the dump or managing a dumpster rental. To schedule weekly trash pickup services, get in touch with our team today.

3 reasons to invest in trash pickup services

You may be wondering if weekly trash pickup services are a good option for your family. Well, these services will:

  1. Save you time: Don't waste your time driving to the dump.
  2. Reduce stress: Avoid the hassle of scheduling dumpster services.
  3. Prevent trash from piling up: Dumpsters and garbage piles attract wildlife and other pests.

Want to learn more about our residential trash pickup services? Talk to our team today. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.